We promote you over whole europe

We work in a different way than most agencies work. We ensure that potential guests throughout Europe can find your accommodation.

Who are we.

We are John and Natascha and we have come to live since 2016 in Istria. After several years of exclusive homes, for touristme, having managed in the Netherlands we want to continue this work here.

What are we doing.

We promote houses (rental / sales) for U. We do this comes in several countries and the promotion through many websites and social media channels. With over 70,000 views per day on social media, we also have a large reach.

What are your advantages

No contracts, freedom of block your property, free use of booking system, option to maintenance, multiple properties in your profile, only 10-20% booking commission, auction option for low season, everything in control your language

Explanation about this.

Example ... you ask € 40, - per night, we calculate with you at 10% € 4, - with you. AirBNB place your accommodation for € 46, - and Booking.com for € 48, - per night online. But your accommodation will be on more than 180 large worldwide agencies and this will give you a greater range of guests and you can rent your accommodation more often in your season or year.

It is easy to promote a house on the Internet. But to convey the interests and beauty is completely different story.

made by: ™ Mladen Paulinić

Program overview with expenses.

Through our program below you can choose a package that suits you. From simple to exclusive extended. The choices are fully flexible and can be deployed through a one-year agreement.

1-25 accommodations

10% commision Year contract

  • Own management panel
  • Own administration panel
  • Free to block for regular guests
  • Activate additional options
  • 365 days rental possibility
  • Own email address

26-50 Accomodations

7,5% commission Year contract

  • Own administration panel
  • Free to block for regular guests
  • Activate additional options
  • 365 days rental possibility
  • Own email adress

Including cleaning

Via quotation Per arrival guests

  • Everything centrally arranged
  • Professionally employed
  • Laundry service make up beds
  • Supply necessary
  • Set off with rental
  • Central insight through panel

Pool / garden maintenance

Via quotation Per arrival guests

  • Cleaning of swimming pool / filters
  • Supply chemistry / salt pool
  • Possible breakdown service in the event of a breakdown during rental
  • Maintenance garden
  • Monitoring rental at a distance
  • Rent without care

Rent-out now via us !.

Rental via Istriahouses.com

Would you also like to be personally assisted with rental? Try Istriahouses.com now. Make an appointment now and get a one-time discount of € 27.50 </ span> if you register now with the promotional code istra2019 </ span>.

What do we take in rental.

Our goal is to help everyone. From personal landlord to investor. We also like to give advice.

What do the experiences say?

  • Finally a travel agency that does not make price agreements with other organizations. Just clear a competitor who also thinks about the homeowner and / or investor

  • We now have not only a very nice occupation in the summer but now also in the before and after season. I am curious what the winter will bring us. All opinions also adopted about the prices and I must say "They were right from Istriahouses"

    Bobic Mathieu

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